Monday, December 18

Was Hendrix Murdered?

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I originally started looking at the death of Jimmy Hendrix out of curiosity after hearing former roadie James “Tappy” Wright’s claims that he did not die of an OD but was in fact murdered by his manager Michael Jeffrey by pouring wine down his throat and into his lungs drowning him. I thought it would be an obvious conspiracy theory, I had no idea the disturbing world of weirdness I would enter when I delved deeper.

It turns out Tappy is not the only one who heard Jeffrey confess, he also told sound engineer (or at least he was at the time now he is a record producer) Alan Douglas that he murdered Hendrix too, Douglas also stated in his opinion he thought Jeffrey hated Hendrix.

Jeffrey certainly had a lot of money to gain from Hendrix’s death having a huge life insurance policy on him, but it gets weirder it seems Jeffrey may have worked for the FBI who opened a file on Hendrix after he appeared at a few benefits for “subversive” causes. Jeffrey was in the military and got moved to intelligence, after this his military career entered an “Obscure phase”. Quite how he moved from a career as a soldier to managing Rock Groups is unclear, he also managed “The Animals”. He died a couple of years after Hendrix in an mid air collision on his way to a court case concerning Hendrix.

There’s also a lot of weirdness surrounding who was or wasn’t Hendrix’s girlfriend at the time of his death too. A woman called Monica Dannemann claimed to be his fiancé at the time of his death, he did die in her flat and the sleeping pills he took were hers. Many people seem to claim however she was fantasist and merely stalked Hendrix there was actually no relationship between them. Some even claim she had a part in his murder as she realised he planned to leave her, and she definitely lied at his inquest. She claimed Hendrix was still alive at 10am when she went out for cigarettes and when she came back he started to vomit, but medical evidence suggests he was actually dead around 4am.

It is now commonly believed she wasn’t in fact there that night at all as they had big row, she did not call an Ambulance until 11:15 and apparently rang friend called Eric Burdon beforehand saying Hendrix wasn’t well and he told her to give him coffee and slap his face, but he was already well dead at this point so what was going on in her mind I don’t know. I think she came home and found him dead, he was the love of her life and she idolised him so this probably caused her to go into shock or even have some kind of breakdown perhaps deluding herself he wasn’t dead just ill but I can only guess. I certainly don’t believe she could have killed him on her own as some people seem to think she did. Whatever happened Ambulance attendants claim there was NO ONE in the flat when they arrived, the door was wide open and Hendrix was dead inside on the bed.

Monica Danneman died of carbon monoxide poisoning in her own Mercedes outside her house in 1996 (the verdict was suicide) after losing a court case with another of Hendrix’s girlfriends Kathy Etchingham over claims she made in her book that Etchingham was a liar and stole from Jimi, she was ordered to stop saying it basically

I’m still doing research as this has disturbed me quite a lot and I have more to write as I get it all straight, I’m also trying to find out why the case by Police was re-opened then apparently dropped in the early 90’s. I will be adding the rest of my articles on this subject to Buksia over the next few days.

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