IF You Are Seeking Out The Services of a Psychic

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Recently, while perusing other spiritual blogs, I came across this article and it brought some ideas to the foreground.

If you are seeking out the services of a spiritual worker for the following reasons, then I urge you to reconsider these services:

1. You don’t trust yourself.
2. You have no self-confidence.
3. You want to know if (fill in the blank) is lying to you.
4. You want to know when (fill in the blank).
5. You want to know why/why not (fill in the blank) does/does not…

And this is why:

1. and 2. You know a lot of the answers for which you seek and you know that you know. You are just afraid that you are not sufficient all on your own. You are! If you were to have a spiritual meeting with me, we would spend a lot of time working on your faltering ego. I do not mean to sound rough or unkind as I express this. I do mean to sound meaningful. You put yourself in a state of crisis (I didn’t pioneer this idea by any means) when you allow such impediments to hurt you.

3. You know. In your heart, you know.

4. Time does not exist on that side and it is usually too much of a challenge for us to answer this question. It usually is superfluous at that.

5. It would be bad boundaries to answer this for you. If you are my subject, then we will talk about you and your feelings, what you want, etc. I will not tell you why anyone else did/did not do something.

I do welcome you to send me your dreams for interpretation, your future -self inquiries and pretty much all other spiritual inquiries. And concurrently, I want you to trust yourself and have self-confidence. And if you don’t, please get help. Seriously.


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