Friday, December 15

Making Money Writing Reviews

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Making money on-line can actually be done, but you should not have to pay anyone to get paid. All those places that ask for an upfront fee do is list the same websites that I am listing here. You can also read my other articles to find more pay sites. All the sites are free to join you just have to put in a lot of time to make a substantial amount of money. Nothing comes without hard work in this world. Especially in this economy. So Good luck and work hard.

First you will need to set up a paypal account to accept payment from any of these sites. If you don’t have one already, Go to to sign up for FREE. You do not need a credit card or bank account to sign up for PAYPAL.Read all the terms of use to find out if they pay through check as well but I think that paypal is the way to go, and it is a lot faster too.

Next, you want to start writing. Save all your articles on a file in your computer so you can quicky copy and paste them into all the web site you choose to write for. Do not use duplicate articles unless it is allowed in the terms and conditions of the site. Even though the article was written by you, some web sites take ownership of your article one you have submitted it.

Here is a small list of websites that pay well. Once again, I have several other articles you may real with a more extensive list of web sites. The following list is in order of best paying websites first.

Helium is the best paid website there is. At first you start off slow but once you build your writers rep you make money off your articles daily.

Bukisa pays you to write articles, they provide the views so you both make money

Epinions pays people to write reviews on movies, consumer electronics and so on.

JustAnswer pays people to answer questions asked by other members.

Review Stream write a review, get paid.

Associated Content pays web content writers and copywriters

Stay focused on your work. Keep consistant and make sure you stay organized. Try to write at least one article a day. Within a year you could be making a considerable amount of money daily.



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