The Power of Retrospection

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I cannot convey without extreme tiredness how many times I have gained insight into a given situation simply from looking back at it. On the norm, I would not have even been trying to get insight. I would have been obsessing, re-thinking a situation, dissociating or re-considering, but not trying to gain insight.  It was always a bonus.

Now, I’m just trippin’. I think about thinking about and it’s like looking in a mirror of your image and the image is you looking into a mirror and it continues for infinity.  You don’t know where to focus and on which one to focus.  So, you turn your head to the right and keep your eyes to the left, then you do the opposite and you’re unable to do it.  

Sorry, I digress.

I said it this way in a netcon (Internet conversation – I just made it up) with Lucid of

“Yes. And sometimes, we don’t realize exactly what we are sensing until we are removed from a situation and are thinking back on it.”

To which Lucid responded:

“…Take “signs” for instance… Sometimes we are shown signs that might not be obvious to us at that moment, whether it be because we didn’t want to accept it at that time, or just wasn’t aware of the significance, or maybe it was that life’s limited views blinded us.”

“…it is never too late to take the pearl out of the oyster so to speak.”

See how simple it is?





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