Friday, December 15

A Life You Can Walk Through

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In his poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost says, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference”. He begins this poem with contemplation about which path to take. In our journey of life what dictates the roads that we will follow? How do you choose when coming upon the many junctions that our road intercepts? Do we choose our path because the rest of the herd goes there or do we choose one that suits our truths and individuated needs?

For me I have chosen the path that dictates a simple life. I have a literal road that I walk. Actually, I walk almost every where that I go. For me the decision to use my feet as a primary mode of transportation has made all the difference. It helps me to take things as they come. Literally and figuratively one step at a time. Not only do I experience more of what goes on around me, I have come to find tranquility in the simple act that I have dedicated myself to. How many of us can really claim this.

Here are several great benefits to walking:

    1. Walking gives us a way to manage the momentum of our lives.

    2. It enforces a certain determination to reach a goal.

    3. We work with each step to both identify and overcome those things that challenge us in our path.

    4. Regular walks build the heath and vitality of our bodies.

    5. Our minds get the support that a healthy body provides

We all search for peace and equanimity. How many of us find it? In my experience it seems to allude most of us in society to day. You hear so many who are strung out in the rat race of life. Whether you choose like I have to walk or you take moments of quiet reflection on your life it does not matter. In the end our peace may be found in identifying our personal path. Please consider your road. When you do, you may also experience a life you can walk through.


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