Monday, December 11

How to Pick a Senior Friendly Destination

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Step 1: Pick a spot that is well known for being senior friendly. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offers seniors who purchase vacation homes in their town a property tax break. Also, the golf in the area is a draw for seniors.

Step 2: Look for destinations that offer discounts to senior travels. For example, certain cruise lines have specials that give seniors a discounted rate when they book a cruise.

Step 3:Book a smaller hotel or inn. Destinations that have a large number of bed and breakfasts and inns are ideal for the senior traveler. Look to areas like Vermont or upstate New York as your vacation spot.  

Step 4: Consider Florida for a senior friendly destination. Florida is a very senior friendly area, especially in the winter months. Some favorite places of seniors in Florida include Winter Haven, Amelia Island and Fort Myers.  


If you are looking for a senior friendly cruise, pick a smaller ship in the line’s fleet. These ships are designed for the senior who does not want to be overwhelmed by crowds of people.  

When you are booking your vacation, check with all vendors about senior travel discounts. You can save a substantial amount of money, especially if you are 62 or older.  

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