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Isagenix Review! Scam or Legit Busines!

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Multi level marketing has expanded into a huge market, where new players enter everyday to try their luck. While a lot of companies offer different kinds of MLM plans, let’s talk about the widely criticized Isagenix compensation plan with an unbiased perspective is it a scam or a legitimate business opportunity?

Here are points of interest regarding Isagenix.

1) The Company First, let’s talk about the company. Isagenix is a fairly new company, started in 2002 by John Anderson and Jim & Kathy Coover. Their primary product is a nine-day colon cleansing system but the company offers a wide range of nutritional supplements as well. With so much focus on health and wellness in the consumer products market, Isagenix products have the potential to be beneficial for the consumer and retailer alike.

2) The Compensation Plan How does their compensation plan work? The Isagenix plan focuses on down-line and up-line marketing, where you recruit a network of distributors and they recruit more people. Associates can earn money in five ways with the Isagenix plan and also have the opportunity of earning team bonuses, product bonuses and matching check bonuses. The average profit you earn from all personal sales is around 24%, with the maximum being 33%. As with any multi level marketing opportunity, you should be ready to make a significant investment of time and money in order to be successful. 98.5% people fail miserably in their first year of experimenting with MLM the idea is not to make fatal mistakes and do a thorough research to understand if the MLM business is actually for you. Typically, any kind of MLM opportunity involves a lot of convincing marketing and a growing network of people you recruit. In order to be very successful, you need a team of hundreds of people working with you. So, be sure what you’re venturing in and take the leap only if you enjoy meeting lots of people, doing product introductions and cold calling.

3) Your Investment Now, let us review the investment you need to make to be an Isagenix Associate. You start by joining the Isagenix Independent Associate program for a $39 fee, after which you move up to the ranks of Executive or Consultant, depending on the number of people you recruit. A strong feature of the Isagenix plan is the training modules it offers. These are expensive, ranging from a few hundred for the CDs to almost thousand dollars for live events. A number of Isagenix leaders, people who have found a lot of success with the program, have their own e-books, videos and training modules that constitute tried and tested skills that they have used.

4) What seems to be missing It appears what seems to be missing, in my opinion, is a solid and proven mentoring system. It seems that, as with many MLM’s, Isagenix requires you to take a bunch of their training courses (sometimes requiring travel) and the mentor that you have, if they decide to slow down or drop out completely, then you are at a loss. Isagenix: Is it a scam or legit? Well, Isagenix is a profitable business for those who don’t mind working extra hard to reap the benefits of a home-based income later. Your effort will reduce once you’ve built a sizable base of executives. You must also realize that you cannot build a multi million-dollar business with Isagenix if you are not willing to step out of your warm market zone of friends and family. The investment can be high considering you’re stepping into a market that has become very saturated over time but remember that hard work will eventually pay off.

I must mention that I am not a member of Isagenix and am attempting at an unbiased opinion. I believe that the question: Isagenix: Scam or legit concludes with Isagenix is definitely not a scam. Your success is measured by your marketing knowledge and your continuous effort in recruiting people to grow your business.It is also, greatly measured by the amount of work and time that you are prepared to invest in this company. But remember there are many other options out there. What ever you choose, choose a mentor.


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