Thursday, December 14

How to Travel Safely With Children

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Instructions on how to travel safely with children whether you are flying abroad, going on a cruise, or just driving across the state.

Step 1: Take your vehicle to an auto-mechanic to check all the systems for safety on the road. Buckling the children in their seatbelts isn’t enough if you have a high-speed blow out or lose control of your brakes.

Step 2: Give the children enough activities in the car to make the travel a little less stressful for you and for them. Bored children get cranky and can make you irritable and stressed when you need to pay full attention to the road. Pack a bag with a portable video game, coloring books, and crayons.

Step 3: Watch children closely in busy areas where they can easily get lost. Be extra vigilant near water, cliffs or dangerous locations.

Step 4: Hire a babysitter in hotels, but make sure that you get good referrals, and find out from the concierge the policies the hotel uses in their hiring. Going out without the children in the evening can make your days together more enjoyable, but you should always consider their safety while you are away.

Step 5: Use the travel experience to teach your children how to act in public and how to follow rules. It’s a great time to teach them about airport security and how to board a plane. Talk to them before leaving about how to behave in various situations. Being loud and raucous on a plane, for example is completely inappropriate and they should know this in advance. Explain why certain rules are made for their safety.


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