Saturday, December 16

What IS A Lever Lock?

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Lever lock is a lock that can be unlocked using its lever which is to be raised to a certain position. Usually it has lever which is made of a flat metal as its tumbler, it is widely used as a door lock and preferred by the police as a secure door lock compare to the other kind of door locks.


Because of the rampant crimes in our society especially in a home related crime, our proper authorities are finding ways to keep their citizen secure and away from any harm. So they highly recommended to home owners to have a lever lock as their door locks because of its durable features and it is hard to dismantle.  It is widely use in subdivision as a recommendable door lock to their houses.


If you are applying for a home insurance in your state then the 5 lever lock is a type of lock often required by the agency where you apply your home insurance plans. There are many kind of grades in this lock but the British Standard (BS3621:2007) is usually required for insurance purposes. The lever functionality is really only available in the UK and some place of Europe. This form of lock’s feature is frequently called as Chubb locks. And although there are many good manufacturers the new BS3621 demands for a bolt ranging of 20 mm better than the 14 mm of the old standard.

Safeness of the family must be the priority….


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