Monday, December 18

Always Having to Register

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Why, why why, must i always register to use the internet, to post comments about things I like, I don’t like.

I go through the process of typing up my comment, and hit submit, and then i get a window that says, you must be register, or you must be signed into to post a comment.

Why please tell me why is there even a comment box available to me, as I am reviewing your blog, article, news story, if I have to register to comment. WHat there should be is a little option to register without even having a comment box.

Better yet, let’s do this, have one option for commenting and one option for registering, and if you want to require people to register to comment take away the comment box.

I don’t want to spend time registering with a bunch of sites, I barely use to make one or two comments a year that I might do. I sure as hell don’t want to add my email to your registration page so i can be flooded with crap from your servers that I sure as hell don’t want.

The internet was for the social community, it also used to allow to be somewhat private stay behind your firewalls, and what have you. Now you have to sign up for this, or sign up for that, the privacy is gone now, and so is my time.

I have to spend extra tie just to sign up to make a comment once, and then I will never again be able to find the delete account button, and for the rest of my life or for as long as I have that email address, flooded with crap from a bunch of different sites, that I probably don’t even know that I am on, since I read articles of all kinds from all different places.

PLEASE bring the freedom of the internet back please big brother allow us to be free again.


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