Sunday, December 17

My Daughter…and Buzz Lightyear

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I have never known a toddler to be so in love with Buzz lightyear before. My daughter was introduced to the films when she was about eighteen months and ever since she has been obsessed with them! I have seen both films at least two hundred times and I know all of the words as if I had written it myself! I could live with this, I really could because I have learnt to tune my ears out to the sound of the not so charming music, if it wasn’t for the fact that even my daughter’s imaginary friend is Buzz!

I find her out in the garden, chatting away to Buzz as though he was really there with her. Sometimes it can be endearing and even funny, but other times it has actually creeped me out! I was sat in the garden with her the other day and she was chatting and laughing away and I thought she was talking to me… but she was talking to her Buzz lightyear juice cup!!!

She also has a ball which she plays with, talks to, kisses and even sometimes takes to bed with her. Recently she was bought a big Buzz lightyear and all I could hear as I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep was the sound of a lazer and the infamous words…’To infinity and beyond!’ I had nightmares that night.

I sometimes wonder why my litter girl can’t be more like a little girl, playing with dolls and teddy bears, liking all of the girlie toys and films but that just isn’t who she is and I can tell already that it is going to be very interesting as she grows up. Because it is not just Buzz lightyear which she likes but she also loves playing with cars, trains, lorries…I gave birth to a boy, didn’t I?!

Does anyone else have a child with an unusual obssession like my beautiful daughter has? If you do I would love to hear from you, if only to put my mind at rest that my toddler is just like any other toddler… let me know!


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