Tuesday, December 12

Sharing That Makes a Graduation Day

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Numerous of teaching institution such as school, colleges, or universities are forcing their student to dress in their particular graduation caps and graduation gowns so that they can participate their much awaited commencement activity. A couple of learning institution obligated their students to contribute a certain amount for their graduation caps and gowns. By these unwanted but no choice circumstances can bring their families with so many problems and because of the other relative expenses during the graduation day. For those students that did not comply in the required graduation caps and graduation will not be allowed to attain to their graduation ceremony which is a very unfair scenario to have in the life of a student.

 But as a concern individual you can somehow contribute something to eliminate this unfair and sad kind of condition that is experienced of hundreds and even thousands students by kindly donating or sharing your old graduation caps and graduation gowns that are hidden in your closets. Through this you can totally make available for this student to have the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime event, to celebrate their own achievement and accomplishment in life. If you are kind enough and have the willingness to aid these children to have their own graduation caps and graduation gown, then you have to continue to by inspired in reading this article to get an idea in how you can help them.

But beforehand, try to assess the condition of your graduation caps and graduation gown which you are planning to share. Assess those attires first before you decide to finally place it into donation. It is very crucial that each pair of item that you have donated is still usable by the graduating students who will receive your kindness. You should also consider about the color of your graduation cap and graduation gowns. As we all know, that different universities and schools means a variety of color scheming that they implemented to the color of their graduation caps and graduation gowns. It is the better thing to locate the schools that would go with the color of your graduation caps and graduation gowns, though, the best place is your Alma Mater for it will surely fit to the color requirements of the school but there are instances that your school changes their color or the students studying there is fortunate enough to acquire their own caps and gowns for their graduation.

You can bring your graduation cap and gown to the nearest tailoring shop for repairs within your locality, in case of damage and reparation due to a long period of storage or there rodents who messed up with the attire, I hate rodents too. If you have the knowledge or skill in sewing then it would be easier for you to fix some damage. And kindly not donate graduation cap and graduation gown that needs a serious repairs, it would be another problem the students do not want to have and even to think about. In times like this, they do not have the time to repair a totally damage graduation cap and gown. You can always communicate to some colleges or universities regarding your graduation cap and gown donation. If you have a primary, elementary or high school graduation cap and gown that you want to donate, then you have to get in touch with the principal first or to the faculty members. And for colleges and universities, you are always welcome to contact the Students Affairs Service about your donation. Tell them about your aspiration to help unfortunate graduating students.

Through your effort and sharing you can make a graduation day possible for a graduating student in need.


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