Friday, December 15

Having an Economical Graduation

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Having an environmental friendly graduation is not that difficult to achieve. It would be ironic for a student who is graduating from school that he/she cannot uphold the environment even to his/her graduation day. Surely this subject of environmental upliftment was discussed inside the four corners of the classroom, so it would awkward for a graduating student to entertain things that can cause the environment to suffer. It is shocking how people entertain non-degradable products and other pollutant even the very professional people around globe. This sinister event could be reduced if we truly care for our environment.

Now we will be talking about the alternative means in having graduation caps and graduation gowns. This would be about the commencement activities that are occurring to every primary, elementary, high school, college to university at this time of year. Even to your own graduation rite, this ceremonial is meant to commemorate the accomplishment of the students dedicated to attain a global interest in building a world that will work for future generations. We cannot blame the learning institutions for its lack of interest to pursue greener life, but by necessity, are compelled to endow with their students and their loved ones with a rite benefitting their own pocket and investments in time and money through commissions. We can’t blame the students and their family who are obliged to follow and adopt the system implemented by their learning institution.

To make the appeal complete, there many options and have the alternative. In every graduation day, a graduating student who cares for our environment has the choice to choose biodegradable graduation caps and graduation gowns. By this he/she can make the difference, and this eco-friendly garments is never be out of fashion for it is elegant as the typical graduation caps and gowns available in the market. In addition, our government can convince learning institutions to begin purchasing high-quality and durable graduation items that can be reused for generations to come, or encourage companies to start producing biodegradable graduation items which is the hard thing to do in the name of business.

To elaborate more in obtaining graduation caps and graduation gowns, the school can require its students or faculties to wear eco-friendly graduation caps and graduation gowns, instead of forcing them to have the expensive nylon based caps and gowns. Or learning institution get super high quality caps and gowns that can be utilized for a long period and let it be rented for students. Many people like tassels and hoods for memorabilia.  So the best thing to do with these is to obtain them out of sustainable and organic materials. And if this is not possible, the alternative is to make sure to reuse them. The major problem in accepting of durable and reusable graduation caps and gowns will be the price. The cost of high-quality reusable is greater than disposables. It would be shoulder by either the learning institution or the graduating students. On the other hand, the expenses will be much economical if you will consider them for a long time.

Some quoted that “This is the message that you do not want to share with a commencement ceremony” if only consider the benefits. In addition to the sure environmental benefits, which are vast. And also there are a lot of other beneficial for learning institution, this would save money by not having to order new graduation caps and graduation gowns every year, as well as their time and also students will be able to celebrate their achievement in a eco-friendlier approach or with a high valued through recycling.


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