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Top Best Footballer To Watch In World Cup 2010

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Christiano Ronaldo is a player the most highly anticipated many soccer fans in the world cup later on June, it is not just about his action in playing football, scoring a goal and some his usual attraction but he is magnetic in football because he is handsome. The most expensive player of the world at the moment is enough how worth this man to be play in such big competition Lionel Messi at 22 year old

Lionel Messi has won just about everything there is to win, both individually and in club soccer but International team only Olimpic medal in his collection,  Messi’s game relies on its unpredictability and magnificent control of the ball, his amazing football quite enough to be watch in World Cup 2010 to prove he is just a legend of football as level as Argetina Coach Maradona also know as the savior of Argentina with his hand of God goal.

Wayne Rooney start his international duty at just 17 years of age and become main England striker as Michael Owen performance down with serious injury. Rooney deserve it, took the  place with his best striker talent, Way Rooney and his wife Colleen have taken England by storm, he as a football player and his couple  as a fitness guru/fashion commentator of some sort, just wondering to see Rooney become a nice guy, after receive bad red card in Germany World Cup, without the card Rooney is nothing. Media becomes decisive factor to bewitch a player be famous person, England has a very popular media in the world, with a variety of ways and styles, this course can be a weapon both Wayne Rooney to become popular in the world cup in 2010.

Ricardo Kaka is another footballer talent from other continent, Brazil the famous country in football. Kaka belongs to Jesus. The T-shirts he has shown underneath his jersey say so,  The central figure of Brazil, masterminding its lethal counterattacks, which have made a Brazil team not as deep in world-class players as  usual, the religious man could be another story to women football lover who hate man play boy type.

Fernando Torres come with another style, the best man in scoring goal in his young age at 7 years and scored 55 goals as a 10-year-old, in Atletico  Madrid his first professional club, He always available in starting lines-up, in Liverpool, the special target man of Benitez tactic, He has awesome moment in International team, won Euro Championship 2008.

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