Friday, December 15

An Inspiring Message From Graduation Caps And Graduation Gowns

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In the spring of 2010, the graduation rite of one of the prestigious university in Oregon will be having a different kind of ceremony this year. The students graduating from the University of Oregon in their commencement activity will be seen dressing an earth-friendly graduation caps and graduation gowns. The environmental caps and gowns are part of their program called “The Elements Collection” and are being produced by Jostens Company which is an American company that provides school items to the various schools and teaching institution. The Jostens Company introduced these graduation caps and graduation gowns that are said to be biodegradable, which promises to reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

So this is a pleasant way to have the graduating students participate in a global enhancement endeavors and but of course, not forsaking the elegance of the graduation rite for these graduation caps and graduation gowns are not just for the purpose of getting our world greener but to have something nice to wear in their graduation ceremony, in addition to that, they can have their graduation day something to remember by generations. Reminiscing the day when they graduated, they also give appreciative points back to their environment by wearing these biodegradable graduation caps and graduation gowns. This is one of the various ways that we can be a responsible citizen within our country through our very own sustainable practices.

A lots of the graduates nowadays, when they get a hold of their bachelor’s degree or even graduating to any levels of learning, end up with a regalia, in which they do not know how to dispose it. Sometime, one of the Directors of the University Oregon said that the graduation caps and graduation gowns, which are made of natural fiber from renewable wood that is cut down from a managed forestry, will be conventional to have in a graduation ceremony so that their school chooses these items for their graduation rites. Also, he asserted that if the students do not know how to deal with this graduation attire and one has to do to decompose them, is to simply bury them under the ground.

And though the graduation caps and gown are not thoroughly degradable, because of these two things; first, the metal buttons on the caps and second, the zippers that are made from recycled pop bottles and in addition to that if there are attached plastic accessories on the cap and gown. But, the manufactures are claiming that those things can be recycled too. In order to make it greener, the clothing comes in a recyclable packaging which includes tips and ideas on preserving or disposing the graduation caps and gowns. If there are students wanted to conserve them, keeping them inside the closets would be just the right choice a student can make. Because of the timely and environmentally motivated graduation caps and graduation gowns the students receiving their bachelors and masters degrees will also be dressing up in this kind of graduation costume, on the other side, the ones receiving their doctoral degrees will be having on is a similar version with an olive or green colored velvet stripes and a seal on the chest to distinguish their area of expertise.

Like the graduating students of the University of Oregon, that vied for the best so chose what is best for everyone, while having their graduation day they let the Mother Earth have her smile. Let your graduation day also as greener as it could be. Get the best graduation cap and gown, so the recommended choice for you is a biodegradable one. 


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