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Biodegradable: Graduation Caps And Graduation Gowns

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A graduation is important day of every graduate; this day would be significant for it will be the reward and acknowledgement of their hard works in their vigorous studies and efforts to achieve their own success. Without the graduation cap and graduation gown the aspiring graduates could not make a march down the aisle because of the strict policy of their school. But graduation caps and graduation gowns should be friendlier to our environment. So there are some distributors of this attire that offers biodegradable graduation caps and graduation gowns. 

The fabric of these caps and gowns are found to be decomposing in soil in one year, these are created from the fiber which is coming in a natural wood. Also zippers are made from a recycled plastic. While other schools in the outer reaches will be utilizing the gowns and is adopted by several schools. Previously, schools used to rent their gowns, but because of a number of students and concerned faculty members had been worrying about the chemicals used in the dry-cleaning processes.

A professor and a member of the school committee which created the idea of biodegradable items for the graduation activity, said that the biodegradable gowns are more environmentally-friendly for the reason that we are not placing dry-cleaning substances into our water, so it is greatly inclined to a green living. There are some colleges; including the Judson College and University of Chicago are making use of gowns styled from recycled bottles. Although the cost-effectively disposable garments are offered to the secondary schools, mostly in the northern part of the United State and also to the northwest suburbs like 225Arlington Heights-based District 214, Highland Park-based District 113, Palatine-based District 211 and Glenbrook High School District, prefer the traditional look for the past few years. Though there is some district school in Waukegan is having a friendlier approach.

There are schools that are collecting lightly-used graduation attire from the recent graduates to balance the cost for low-income graduating students. The idea is coming from the school’s psychologist after sometime one of the student of a particular school expressed her/his unease about the graduation fees of the discussed school, the long-lasting agenda could in due course aid 60% plus of the students in school who has a parents that have low – income.

These biodegradable graduation caps and graduation gowns are also affordable; the price is tagged as $36.50, considered as an indistinguishable costume from the traditional attire. And also comes with just $3 costs over in 2009. It was introduced last 2008, the biodegradable graduation gowns is using a Minneapolis-based firm which is a master in graduation products. The graduation caps and graduation gowns were made based on the concerns from the students and educators that are concerned of the environment and responsive to the primary needs that they heard the people that would like to know about the fabric if when discarded would be decomposed.

There are some who admits that they are not a major environmentalist, who negates the importance of the role of human being to take the pledge to uphold environmental concerns but greatly appreciated the earth-kindliness of the graduation gowns. On the other hand, a 19-year old guy is also delighted that he will not have to return the gown after their graduation ceremony. He also said that he had the extra time to take photos of the graduation cap and graduation gown with the dignity it brings.

In the conclusion, if you obtain the best then you can have the best with an environmentally-approached. Let your graduation day as greener as it could be. Get the best graduation gown as possible, so choose biodegradable one; let it be a part of this worth mentioning event in your life. So be elegant while you contribute for a cleaner environment!


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