Thursday, December 14

Acquiring Graduation Caps And Gowns

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As the awaited event draws closer, we are bugged with so many decision to make, we have to decide the place where to held the thanksgiving party after the graduation ceremony whether it be in your own house or rent a place like restaurant, the food to eat whether it will be catered or you would prepare the banquet yourself to be more personal, making list of relatives and friends that will be invited in the party, and most of all, where to get the graduation caps and graduation gown. Though, these things will make you frantic enough, let not these things destroy everything. It will need just a bit of planning. Before the graduation day, the faculty of the school should contact every family that has a member who will be graduating in their school if everything is in place. Or else make the effort to contact the school officer in charge of the graduation event and inquire some help in the processing of having a graduation caps and graduation gowns. And surely the school will give you ideas or place where to acquire one. Perhaps, you can browse the internet and find some help. You may drop off order forms with payment in the dress shop within your locality and request for assistance in having a graduation caps and graduation gowns. Act as early as you can, remember that the usually office hour of the common dress shops is between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. Nonetheless, you can have the traditional snail mail. So before the time comes, complete an ordered form then mail it to the nearest dress shop.

In having a graduation cap and graduation gown in your much anticipated graduation event, you can have it through cash, money orders, and personal checks will be also accepted. Also for your own convenience, please do not send any cash with your mailed orders, let them first have the proper communication and to assure that they have what you really want. In this way you could avoid unwanted compromises. To avoid late fees, orders must be processed at least a week before the graduation day. Some distributors make deadlines of payment upon billing of one’s student account or order. Also you should be aware at least some further late fees of some distributors, for example, that an order received from March 26 through April 5, will be subject to a late fee of some amount and after April 5 there will be no orders, including those placed online if you did so, will be processed and will not be refunded or a cancellations request will be entertained. Also there will be a limited number of dark gowns and academic hoods that will be available for the duration of distribution hours. If you are familiar with Payne Whitney Gym this is implemented at the first-come basis. They will be having a shipping charge of $5.00 which will be added to the $10.00 late fee, this will be accumulated to the cost of graduation caps and graduation gowns, and they will be only accepting cash.

In some distributors you will have to take a note that degree-specific graduation hoods and graduation gowns may be guaranteed only with orders received by a matter of one week. Also some of the distributors of the attire have a specific location where you can pick the items. If you will not avail the extra delivery service they offered.

Nevertheless, in a little planning ahead of time you can be at ease in acquiring the graduation cap and graduation gown on time and without an extra fee. Be in peace on the graduation day of your love ones or even to your own graduation day!


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