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Bikes Art And Humor

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Bikes are increasingly popular because of being non polluent vehicules but they are also loved by people all around the world only for the pleasure of riding them. That’s one of the main reasons why people also enjoy to pimp them, make art with old parts by recycling them and create unusual vehicules only for fun.

The first bicycles were commonly known as ‘penny-farthings’ and are still ridden today, but only for the novelty value. Another different and old bicycle that is still used, is the tall bike which was first used by workers for lighting gas lamps in the late 1800s lamp lighting system.

These and other modified bikes that are now considered art bikes can be widely seen today in festivals and parades like the well known Burning Man, Summer Solstice Parade & Pageant and many others.

There is also a kind of art bike indigenous to Japan, the Dekochari, that was created after a series of movies about giant trucks decked out in chrome and flashy lights, called the Dekotora. Instead of trucks, kids built plywood boxes around their bikes and attached chrome plating, light displays, hi-fi audio systems and cup-holders. This was so popular that there are currently several Dekochari bike gangs in Japan, including the All Japan Hishyomaru fleet, the All Japan DC Club Ryumaki and the All Japan Kyokugenmaru Gang.

But we also can see art bikes as working vehicules like the rickshaw vehicules in Bangladesh, India, Japan and South Africa that are sometimes beautifully and creativily decorated.

I hope you enjoy the following fun gallery and links. They are just funny, weird and cool pictures and links to more material about bikes.

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