Saturday, December 16

Stop Living in Your Past

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So many people live in their past and it becomes impossible for them to move ahead.  In pursuance of their visions, they find it difficult to forget about the failures they had in the past.  Because of this trend, they are surrounded by fear, insecurity and distrust.  They no longer believe that they can make it good in life because of their past failures.  If you live in your past, your today is an illusion and your ‘dream’ tomorrow will never come. Remember –   

–        There is nothing new about yesterday

–        Today is in your hands

–        And tomorrow is in God’s hand

Since you have known all about yesterday, why brood over it or why rejoice over it? Yesterday is a teacher to those who know all about it; in terms of mistakes or successes, you learn from it and grow.

Today becomes what you want it to be. You have the right to choose to either do right or wrong, but which ever one you choose, you must pay the price.  This ‘today’ will in time become yesterday. So, whatever that is in your hands today is capable of making you what you will be tomorrow. God is the custodian of the future. He has given you the right to choose between good and bad today.  He is waiting for you in the future.  So, live today knowing well that it will become your yesterday.

Don’t let your past trouble you because your past is in the tomb, while your future is pregnant.  Jesus Christ has paid the price for your past, so move on. With faith, there is nothing like failure.  What you call failures are only trials that will boost your faith. They increase your knowledge on the ways that Satan could use to discourage you. You can be what God wants you to be if you can stop thinking about those who have failed you in the past.  They failed you to educate you on how people could fail others and this cannot translate to failure for you unless you believe it.

If you have been successful before and suddenly went down the drains; cheer up and stop thinking about what you may call the good old days and look into the best coming years.  Believe that the best is yet to come. “Say thou not, what is the cause that the former days were better than these? For thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this” – Eccl. 7:10. If you are highly educated or talented and you feel that life have cheated you for not placing you where you are supposed to be; relax and look by faith into the future.  Stop relying on your educational prowess and talent; look by faith unto the cross of Jesus Christ and believe that it is well.

Many people are being haunted by their past sins and mistakes. Remember, forgiveness is received by faith. So, once you’re forgiven, it’s over. When some people enter their closets for prayers, the first thing that Satan will bring into their focus is their sins and past mistakes. Satan does this because your past is the only information he has about you. Once this happens, the person is disorganized and your vision and mission shattered. This is because within you, you are already convinced that your prayer cannot be answered because of your sins. Stop thinking about your past and look towards the future because Jesus Christ has paid the price of your past.  Instead of brooding over your past, look by faith to the cross of Jesus where the price for your sin is paid. Rebuke the Satan reminding you of your past and refer it to the scripture, ‘by his wounds, you are saved’.  It is well with you.


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