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Habits Are Personal

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A young man was talking about habits to some youths and after so much explanations to encourage them to believe in their habits; one of them asked him a question about how they could identify their habits. Before then, they had stigmatized the word ‘habit’ to bad attitudes alone even though they knew that there was also a phrase like ‘good habits’ they never gave it credence. Good habit doesn’t just happen; it’s a product of a morally sound mind. So before you can expect to enjoy a good habit, you must have goodness in you; it all comes out from you heart.

Every great man lives with a habit. When you look at the life style of great unlikely geniuses, you will find out that there are particular ways of doing certain things which is uncommon and unethical to every other person. Every great achiever has his or her habits. The oxford dictionary explains habit as a regular way of behaviour mostly personal and informal. It is important for you to know that your habit is among the things that stands you out from the crowd. Your habit is your physical or outward extension of your covenant of fate.

Adhering to the tenets of a covenant gives birth to a habit. Let us take an example from the case of the Biblical Daniel who was trapped by the Princes and Governors of King Darius because of his habit of praying three times a day to his God-Daniel 6:10. Daniel had a habit of praying to his God three times a day. Because of his dedication to his God, he was earmarked for destruction by his colleagues. Daniel, a Jewish slave, was among the numerous Princes, governors and Presidents appointed by king Darius. His dedication to the service of his God brought him out as the best among others and that was the cause of their Jealousy which led to the deadly plot against him. He was perfect in his duties so the only way that they could fault him was through his habit.

They couldn’t understand the secret behind Daniel’s success, so they decided to eliminate him. People fight what they do not understand and when they understand it, they will destroy it.Many great men of God of the old had great habits. Even our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had great habits. At intervals, He always retrieves into the wilderness or mountain to be alone. To His disciples, they saw it as resting time for their master. Resting time is usually receiving time; a time to replenish, a time to connect to your source of inspiration.Habit is the product of devotion, dedication and discipline. This is because your habits carry the key to open the door of your greatness.Habits are personal and therefore not wise to be copied. They carry personal success cards tagged to them and may not prove successful to any imitator. That is why Paul said in his letter to the Ephesians chapter five, verse one; that we should be imitators of God Almighty as dear children. The reason being that if you imitate God, He will lead you to your personal habit but if you imitate man, he will only lead you to what he knows, and what he knows is his own habit. So, when you imitate man, you will copy his habits which may not produce successful results as it did to the original owner. This is the reason why the unlikely people; call it geniuses if you like, will never fail. What they have is original with a constant result. The common people who cannot discover themselves builds their success nests around the unlikely and uncommon people’s habit. But because the habit is not theirs, the results are always dismal; success and at times failure.

Today, we go to school to learn what the uncommon people have laid down for us and hence at the end of the studies, some will make it while some will not. Why couldn’t some make it? After all, many of these unlikely people who propounded the basics for the studies did not attend any regular school. Habit is like a key to open the doors of mysteries, and if you cannot unravel the habit of any teacher, you can not gain access into the secret of his success.

The trend in the world today is turning things upside down. When you talk about habit, everyone’s mind will drive to the evils in the society. Just as we have the unlikely good geniuses, there are also evil geniuses’ habits like telling lies, gossiping, smoking, drinking of alcohol etc. These were being introduced by unlikely evil geniuses who history has proven today as enemies of mankind. For example, some unlikely people discovered cigarette and alcohol many years ago. The products, no doubt, have greatly enriched their families but today, many nations are kicking against their consumption because of the hazards it causes to humanity. The inventors of these deadly beverages were also inspired to produce them from sources that could have been used to produce curative drugs to save lives.So when you follow one’s habits, you will arrive at one’s secret, if you disciply become dedicated to it. If you imitate God’s habit of doing things, you will share from God’s kind of life. God’s kind of habit will lead you to agree with the laws and principles of God: to come into oneness with the infinite power that made all things and become part of the divine family of God. Most of the normal lives of the populace were created out of the abnormal lives of a few unlikely people. Their discoveries have brought about the recovery of the sinking world.

That tiny little voice inside your heart is the force that will lead you to your God’s given habit. Your habit may be misconstrued by people and they may even attach some mischievous meanings it. That is what it should be because  your  habits leaves no reason or clue to any body on why you do what you are doing. Your habits only concern is to lead you to the hidden treasure which no ordinary man can discover. Your habits will keep you prepared all the time; nothing else can. For example, if you want to continually improve your relationship with God, you must cultivate the habit of reading the word of God regularly. It doesn’t matter where you may be or what you may be doing, you must make out time to read the bible. Habits are as prevalent to us just as eating and excreting are.

If your heart is filled with goodness, you will have a good habit to express the goodness to the physical world because no one can read your heart. In the same manner, if your heart is filled with evil, you will have a bad habit to express your wickedness. So, the first step and the most important towards possessing a good habit is to cultivate a clean heart and the other processes will supernaturally follow. You have the right to choose to do well or bad, you are building a habit that will see you to the achievement of your goal. You can now see the reason why people with bad habits can not achieve God’s purpose unless they repent and embrace the principles of good habits. An ounce of good habit is better than a thousand pounds of bad habit.


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