Thursday, December 14

Tips to Deal With Bipolar Children

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Bipolar children can be very disruptive to your family. They can be costly too if they have to be hospitalized for a lot of time. I live with a bipolar for about 10 years and I know how bad they can get. You should follow some tips to minimize problems with them.

Make sure they take their medication

You have to make sure that they take their medication. It’s one of the best way to keep them under control. Children with bipolar who don’t take their medication will get out of hand. They need to take their medication.

They have their own room

Who can stand their disruption? It’s best that they have their own room so that they don’t disrupt other people. It’s kind of like locking them in their room. You’re not really locking them up, but they have less interaction with the family so people can have some quiet time.

Don’t bring them around people

Bipolar children don’t really know how to behave around people. They can be really disruptive and even causing a scene. This is why you need to keep them away from parties, events, gathering of people. It’s best that way for them. They will have a better time away from the crowd.

Monitor them at all time

You have to monitor them all the time. If you leave them alone, they might take off and do something wild. They might run on the freeway. They might take their car and drive off to another state. I have had my brother taking his car and took off to another state and then end up in the hospital.

They have a cell phone

It’s important for them to have a cell phone so they can get in touch with you. A cell phone will be helpful because they will need to get in touch with you if they need assistance.

They have everything that they need at home

Make sure that they have everything that they need at home so they don’t have to run outside to do a lot of crazy things. When they have everything that they need, they will stay at home more. Bipolar kids or kids with mental disorder are better off staying at home then anywhere else.


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