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Tips For Those Who Are Too Busy Working

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Everyone is busy nowadays. You just don’t have enough time for everything. How do you go about saving your life and having a balance if you work 6 days a week and don’t come home until 8 pm at night. I know this is a terrifying schedule since I used to work 7 days a week for 15 hours a day. I used to never come home. How do you date or have a personal life this way? Well, here are some tips to help you achieve a balance between work and life.

Make plans

When you don’t have time, you will have to stick things in a plan or else you can’t never get to it. You have to make plans to do things or else you will never have the chance to do it.

Try to ask for less work

If you can, you should ask for less work. If you work full time, there is no way to ask for less work but you can look out for another position that has less hours and back down to a part time job even.

Have people meet you at work

If you’re too busy to date, you can meet your date for lunch at work. Have them visit you at work, so at least, you get to see them once in awhile.


You should delegate all work that can be delegate to other people within your company or at home. If you have family, then it’s time to put them to work. Make sure that they do their fair share so you don’t have to cover everyone.

Meet people after work

After work, you can meet up with people for a date. Take them out to dinner or see a movie. You don’t have to change, you can wear the same clothe or pack with you and then go. This way you get to hang out for a couple of hours after work so you’re not totally deprived of dating.

Move in

If you can, you should move in if you’re dating someone who is serious enough. Moving in allow you to see them after work. You can move in and save time. You can hang out with them more this way.

Have an assistant

If you can afford an assistant, you should have one. They will be very helpful if you’re a big executive. They will handle most things for you so you will have time for other things in life.

Reduce everything that you don’t need to handle

If you don’t need to handle a person or an event, you should not handle it just to save time. If you don’t need to go to a party, meet up with your buddies, you should go without them. You can save that amount of time to meet up with more important people like your date or girlfriend.


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