Thursday, December 14

Things to Check For When Buying a Use Car

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Test run

You have to test run the car. There is no way that you will walk out of the lot and not test run it. You will end up with a car that will have tons of problems that you didn’t detect. You have to get on the car and drive it around and see how it is. There is no way that you’re going to drive without test driving it first. There are many problems that you will hear when you test drive it. I used to buy a use car, the locks didn’t work, battery is problematic, yet I didn’t really look it over very well and I ended up with a car that didn’t have working locks and battery. I was disappointed but it didn’t cost me a lot of money though.

Car history report

You should also look at the history report of the car. You can find it online and check it out before you make your decision if it’s costly. You will be able to see how many car accidents it had, who it belonged to, what was wrong with it in the past so you won’t end up with a problematic car.

Open up the hood

You have to open up the hood and inspect it to see if there’s anything wrong with it. There is no way that you can buy the car without opening up the main, and most important part of the car, that is the hood. You will be able to look at the condition of the car, the engine, and see if there is anything wrong with any of the wires in it. You will be able to spot it right away. If there is something wrong with it, you can make your decision accordingly.


The engine is also a very important part of the car. You have to turn on the engine to see if there is any noise, if it’s running smoothly, or even running. You can check this by running the engine and leaving it on for awhile. After it’s on for awhile, you will see if it’s working or not.

Check for locks working

You also have to check to see if the locks are working. If they’re not working, you should not buy the car. It cost a lot to replace the locks. Pop the locks on and off to see if it’s working.


Of course, you can’t pass mileage either. It needs to be low. High mileage will be too high and can cause some damages already to the car. If the car has a high mileage, it’s no good and will break down on you. It’s best to buy a car with a low mileage.


Make sure that the car is owned by the person selling it to you and that you have the title. Make sure that it’s not a stolen car or else, you might get in trouble for buying it.  


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