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How to Improve Fertility

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Stop smoking

Research showed that smoking reduce the amount of sperms in male. This can lead to poor fertility and sperm counts. If you stop smoking, you will improve your chances of fertility. Sperm counts rise to 800% after a person stop smoking.

Losing weight

A little weight loss can help with ovulation. If you’re over your normal weight and having a hard time getting pregnant, you can try losing a little bit of weight and you might have a better time getting pregnant.


Pesticide can reduce testosterone in male and lead to poor fertility. You must avoid pesticide and other dangerous fumes while trying to impregnate someone.


Sleep deprivation cause a low level of leptin that is involved in ovulation. If you are not sleeping enough, it’s time to sleep well and improve your chances of pregnancy.

Second hand smokes affects you too

Second hand smoke can affect the person trying to get pregnant. If it’s possible, you should not be around smokers.


Vitamins can help improve in sperm counts. You should be on vitamins like vitamin E, folic acid, and selenium.


Stress does reduce your chance of fertility. This is why a lot of stressed workers have a hard time getting pregnant. You should relax as much as possible during the period that you’re trying to get pregnant. Research showed that a foot massage or a massage can help improve pregnancy chance more than if a person was to be tense.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress as much as possible so you can improve your chance of pregnancy.  A lot of bad hormones are released during stress and your nerves act differently when you’re stressed out too.

Fish seafood mercury

Reduce your seafood consumption level as much as possible during the time that you’re trying to get pregnant. There is evidence that are mercury is found in fish and it causes the person to have a hard time with getting pregnant. Mercury is harmful for the mother and fetus.


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