Saturday, December 16

How Attraction is Important in Dating

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Physical attraction is very important in dating and relationship. It’s not everything but it’s something that can even break a relationship if it’s missing. It’s just a common courtesy to look presentable. You do have to look presentable when you are dating someone. If you are not looking your best, you could be turning off your date. You want to turn on your date. You want to be able to keep your date interested. It’s very important to look great when you are dating someone. It’s just like going to a job interview; you wouldn’t show up with an old pair of dirty pj. You would show up in your best suit so let this be the same philosophy when it comes to dating.

If you don’t try, you will turn off your date. You might not end up with the second date. Your date will think that you don’t care about the way that you look in front of them. They do care about the way that you look, so try your best to look good for them. You have to look good or else you might not get a second date. It’s just some common rules for dating. I did have dates who showed up looking crummy. It’s not the best way to ask for a second date. You have to look your best.

You don’t have to look like Megan Fox or anything like that but you can look your best. No one is ever too unattractive that they can’t fix themselves just to be good enough. You just have to try. You have to dress up in new clothing, wear makeup, do your hair, brush your teeth, take a shower, wear perfume and talk politely during the date. It’s not too hard just to try so please do try to look your best. If you don’t try, don’t be surprise that your man or lady will leave you one day. Look at John Edward, he fell for a hot woman right off the bat, willing to give up his presidency over her. Yes, men or women are very visual people and they need to have that fulfilled.


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