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How to Protect Your Paypal Account From Hackers.

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        How to protect your Paypal account?

Hi everyone, as you know, there is a new way to pay or earn money online, Paypal. We usually pay online using this service by adding your credit/debit cards, or bank account and that can save your time. Unfortunately, There are some hackers on the internet  that can steal your bank account ID, or credit card numbers through this service. Although this service has been secured, you can still lose your money because of the hackers. Now I will show you how they steal your $, and how to protect your account.

-They create a fake email and send through you. The subject/message said you won ___, collect this ____, and sometimes, they will even write your name. Then, “click here to claim,” you click it, and BAM, they know your Paypal email, and tell PP to change your password.

+Protect: delete all those emails when you see it, don’t even open when you don’t know who sent you the email. 

-They create a fake Paypal email, and even looks like official  Paypal email and send it to you saying that  your account has some problems need to be fix, etc.

+Protect: How to recognize the email and message are fake. Here is the real Paypal message (appear at the bottom of the message):

         Copyright © 1999-2007 PayPal. All rights reserved.

Consumer advisory- PayPal Pte. Ltd., the holder of PayPal’s stored value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.

your Paypal email ID

 The fake emails don’t have that, and the first line of the fake email always said “Dear PP member”, or “dear PP value member,” so be careful.

– Create HACKS to give you money. This is one of the best method that hackers create to have your PP account. The hack always ask your PP account and password, and the account must be verified to select cash to add, or to make the hack works. There is no such things in this world are FREE money. Maybe they will give $10-1000, but what if your account have $1000000, or more? They will transfer all your money to their account and also the money they gave you once the hack get patched, or if not, the hackers may switch your ip address to their ip address, and the person who go to jail is you.

+Protect: Don’t ever DOWNLOAD or GIVE your information to the hack, cuz’ you don’t know what’s gonna happen. Stay safe, earn money with legit ways like clicking ads on PP VERIFIED PTC sites, or affiliate program, or other stuffs. IF you want to make money by opening auctions on Ebay, or earn money online, you can join

Now you all know how hackers work, and how to protect your account. Remember the ways they hack: fake emails and hacks.

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