Monday, December 18

Taking Notice:many Orphans There in India

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It is very painful that in 2007, there were 25 million orphans in India, according to UNICEF. The orphan crisis has become more alarming as we notice that  “India is home to the largest number of AIDS orphans in the world”. Mother Teresa, Noble Laureate for Peace, wisely remarked: “These concerns (for orphan children in India and elsewhere in the world) are very good, but often these same people are not concerned with the millions that are killed by the deliberate decision of their own mothers. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today, Abortion…For the pregnant women who don’t want their children, give them to me.”  

The following steps are indispensable to minimize this grave crisis: 1.There should be an education plan inclding computer literacy for these orphans. 2. A large number of volunteers is most urgently required for this task. We may remember that serving the poor, houseless orphans is just like worship of God. 3. The government should esablish more orphans’ homes, so that these miserable children may smile some day.

According to UNICEF, globally there are 132 million children in need of a new family, shelter, or care. The miserable plight of the orphans has been vividly described by Allen Ginsberg:

Blandly mother and rides them in his dreams, so lonely growing up among  and dead souls of Tarrytown

-‘Wild Orphan” 

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