Wednesday, December 13

What Does The Future Hold?

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The Future

            Wake up, go to school, come home, eat, do homework, go to sleep, wake up, go to work, earn money, come home, pay bills, go out, find a spouse, have kids, go to sleep, wake up, feed the baby, take the kids to daycare, go to work, come home, watch football, go to sleep, wake up, realize one’s life has drifted past you. Such is the typical American life. But not mine; mine will be atypical. I will have done one of the very few things in this world that truly matters: good.       

            With what I’m given, I will do great things. I have long decided that this was going to be true, and I intend very much to fulfill this prophecy. Ever since I can remember, I have been able to say that I will do something, even if it is unsure as to whether it will actually happen, and in the end, I come out on top. This is not to say that I always get exactly what I want, but I do end up with very much experience behind me with which to go forth.

            I was in 11th grade when true test of this hypothesis of mine came to fruition: I am neither musically inclined nor do I desire to do anything in a musical field as my profession, but I decided that I was going to acquire a chair in the concert wind symphony (the top band) and Jazz one of my senior year. I had been preparing since 9th grade on my baritone saxophone, and when the time for auditions came around, I had been well practiced and versed in the ways of the saxophone.

            All this was made possible by the same attitude I intend to apply to my future; whatever it may hold. I want to be able to bring new and intriguing physics concepts to the candid world of science, and hopefully said knowledge will be able to be used in a practical and useful manner to the human race, the greatest good, in my humble opinion, that one can do.

            I would not limit myself to this kind of good, however. I have always tried to do things daily to better people and relationships in which I partake. I try every day to do away with the cloak of dishonesty and the gross overuse of secrecy in today’s world. Today, I bring to the light truths in science, through my peer tutoring, and the truths in every day life, by maintaining the most level of heads and attempting to better myself and others in communication, and tomorrow, I shall be doing the same thing, in a different setting, helping as much as possible on the small scale to, perhaps someday, affect the large scale.

            I want make the most of my life. I want to do good in this world, and I want to leave my mark. And now that I have said it, I must get back to doing it, as these things do not occur themselves! 


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