Tuesday, December 12

Katy Perry Vs. Lady Gaga

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Is the irony of Katy Perry saying that Lady Gaga’s music video for Alejandro is blasphemous escaping everyone but me?  This is of course the same Katy Perry that was very casual about telling an interviewer that she sold her soul to the devil.  Did she think that no one would ever catch that, did not care, or was just too caught up in the moment of her own jealousy over Lady Gaga’s success when she sent that tweet?  I do not dismiss or discredit what Katy Perry is saying, but she is a hypocrite for saying it.  Perhaps she should know because she sold out talking about kissing a girl and is the best person who is in the position to make that assessment of Lady Gaga.

Katy Perry is sort of like Amy Grant in reverse.  Amy Grant had a decent career in Gospel music and had a breakthrough album that was quasi-secular but is nowhere to be found in secular music or on the popular scene.  Katy Perry tried Gospel, but found no success until she talks about kissing a girl and then after the phenomenal success lets everyone know that despite it all she is still a Christian at the end of the day.  It had to happen, it will happen and you will probably hear Katy Perry say something about it again in an interview and who knows one day she may inevitably return to her Gospel roots.  All I can take away from Katy Perry’s comments are that she is one of the few artists in the industry that still has a conscious, then again pundits have been talking about how far Lady Gaga will go for fame since she first broke through into the mainstream. 

Talk about Illuminati or the elite that want to bring in the New World Order all you want such discourse makes artists that promote their agenda interesting and does more to propel record sales than ignoring them ever would.  At the same time you have to wonder, when every single video by a major pop star seems to emulate some type of demon possession, sacrifice, or satanic ritual of sorts who does not already realize what pop artists represent anyway.  As many have pointed out, Lady Gaga is picking up where Madonna left off 20 years ago.  You can go down the list, talk about Kid Cudi, Paramore, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Rihanna, and many, many more and you will conveniently leave out someone that represents and promotes evil through the use of popular music.  If you want unprocessed, raw, pure, music without all of the additives, fillers, and preservatives put in by the “machine” then you should just stick with underground artists that either do not have a clue what it takes to get ahead or are well aware and do not want to “sell out” to make it.  Everyone is a tool, the question is what tool do you admire and exactly how do you like your lies to be fed to you.  Expecting anything more from pop music is naive at best and reckless in the worst case scenario. 

Such rhetoric is what our entire popular culture is built off of.  A Christian may as well not spend any time at home alone at all lest he fall into the temptation to entertain television programming that is going to plant some subliminal seed in their mind.  There isn’t anything left to do in this culture but to fall to your knees and pray, because it is everywhere and as far as suggestions about occult activity I think we have only seen the beginning of what is to come.  Perhaps this is too much for Katy Perry and she is not willing to go where Lady Gaga has went and Christina Aguilera is willing to tread.  Hopefully she can still sell records without taking it any further than she already has …


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