Monday, December 18

High School Seniors

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High school kids there first day being seniors want to show off who they are and what they have become over the summer, everyone’s seen it or will see it in there lifetime, guarenteed, unless u r home schooled, some kids go to the extreme, some kids keep it to themselves. Teenagers are hard to handle, u know it and i know it, but it is there personality to show off what they have, it is like a natrual instinct to do, i dont know why that is but it is, At my school it is kind of like that, some kids show off but not really, everyone knows what everyone else has, kids are weird, that is how it is, teachers also see it, they do and sometimed they say stuff and sometimes they do not, sometimes they interact with the students about things, other than school, i’ve seen it, but we won’t get into that matter, i will another day, but anyway seniors in high school do like to show off there stuff and then when u see the college that they are going to, u r like reall? i thought she was smarter, but whatever, u don’t really know anyone because they can be a completley different person behind closed doors, people are different than they seem, sometimes it is hard to belive, it truly is, well i guess that is enough for today, seniors in college are different than in college, they are completely different


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