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How To Pass Ninja Saga Chunin Exams On Facebook: Part Four

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Now that you have completed more than half of the Ninja Saga Chunin Exam, brace yourself for the hardest challenge yet.  The objective is to beat Kara’s team which is comprised three really strong ninjas including Kara.  There are two ways to go through this and we will look at both below.

Let us take a look first at the opponents as it would give you an idea how to tackle this task:

  1. Kara-  Has high HP, very strong attacks, can protect himself, can stun you or your teammates, can double the power of his attacks. (Told you it would not be a walk in the park!)

  2. Kanku-  Has high HP, strong attacks, and can poison you or your teammates resulting to 3% HP drain for three turns.

  3. Sukuri-  Has medium HP, relatively weaker attacks, can evade almost all of your attacks, and can add 25 percent more damage for three turns.

Now that we know who the opponents are and how powerful they are, let us take a look at the two ways to tackle this problem.

The first way is to recruit two of the toughest friends you have.  Good if they are emblem users with high HP which are Earth users usually.

Now that you are ready for battle, here are the tips you need to take the three of them down:

  1. Kill Kara first, then Kanku.  This is because even if you aim for Sukuri first due to the relatively lower HP, she’ll dodge almost all of your attacks and the Kara and Kanku would not sustain any significant damage.  Even if you succeed in killing Sukuri, you would be out of chakra and/or HP to deal with the two remaining opponents.

  2. When using stun, use it on Kara.  If Kara is stunned, use it on Kanku.  Nevermind stunning Sukuri yet.

  3. If you have feather illusion, use it on Sukuri as it would keep your teammates from attacking Sukuri thus diverting their attacks on the two primary targets.

  4. If Kara is under protection, use a stun attack on him and then attack Kanku.

  5. Make sure that your HP will not go down past 500 as the concerted attack of the three could wipe you out.

  6. On the other hand, do not go over 800 HP as the opponents would target your teammate/s with lower HP.

  7. For Emblem Users: Reallocate your stats to 10/10 OR 15/5 Earth/Water since you do not need to go over 800 HP as stated above.

The second way to tackle this part of the Chunin Exam is to recruit NPCs.  Two NPCs would set you back 40 tokens so it is best to save the tokens you get at the start for this.

Even if you have NPCs at your side which can protect and strengthen you, it is still best to follow the chunin exam tips above.    DO NOT recruit one NPC and one friend, if you do this, the NPC will disappear and so would your 20 tokens.

Good luck and have fun with the fourth part of the Ninja Saga Chunin Exams on Facebook.

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