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How To Pass Ninja Saga Chunin Exams On Facebook: Part Three

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Now that you have completed the first two parts of the Ninja Saga chunin exams, prepare yourself for tougher battles ahead as the third part is not getting any easier.  The objective of this part of the chunin exams is to defeat three NPCs in a row.  Don’t worry about recruiting friends as it is not allowed in this part.  You would have to defeat the three ninjas by yourself.

Stock up on scrolls, healing ones most notably.  You will need them.  If you are out of gold, do some missions first which yields good amount of gold (a separate article would be tackling this in the future).

Moving on, your first opponent would be Lok Li who I think is supposed to be Rock Lee in Naruto.  Let’s make this a bullet point affair to make it easier shall we?

First Opponent: Lok Li

Loves Taijutsu

Special Attacks:

Kick Stun – Stuns you for a turn while dealing damage

Open Gates – Opening gates consumes one turn. After that, he’ll deal a devastating amount of damage for two turns.  After that, he will be stunned for one turn; the special attack will fade after this.  Note that Open Gates will consume his HP for every turn active.

How to defeat Lok Li:

For free users, make sure that you have a skill that can stun him like Head Kick which is a Taijutsu, and Fat Lady Jutsu which is a Genjutsu.  If you are an Earth user, you can use Earth Strangle.  Or if you are a Thunder user, the Lightning Shock would come in handy.

For premium users, Feather Illusion and Sexy Lady Genjutsus are recommended.  Lightning Flash and Water Bundle work great too.

You should save up chakra to use these “stop” skills and use them to stun or make Lok Li sleep after he has opened the gates.  If you keep him subdued until after the special skill fade, you would seriously decrease his HP as the skill he’s using will also drain him of HP.

Second Opponent: Shira

Would drain your chakra

Special Attacks:

Drain Chakra:  In this attack, you will be covered with bugs and for three turns, your chakra would be drained by a certain amount.

Protection: Shira uses his bugs to create a defensive wall around him thus reducing the damage inflicted upon him

Note that even normal bug shots from Shira would also eat up your chakra apart from your HP.

How To Defeat Shira:

He will hit you first with Bugstorm which will drain your chakra.  Do not attempt to recover these chakra points by recharging as it would be pointless.  What you need to do is to unload as much of those chakra to deal damage to Shira.

Since you have some stun attacks, make sure that you use them only when you are about to lose all of your chakra points.  This way, you can charge or use a chakra scroll without worrying about taking damage while you cannot answer back with a good attack.

Once the Chakra Drain attack has faded, Shira would then use the bugs to protect him.  During this time, it is recommended that you charge or heal yourself as any attack especially ones using large amount of chakra would be kinda pointless.  You can also stun him during this time so that he cannot deal damage to you while you are not attacking him due to the protection around him.

After his protection fades, he will then use the Chakra drain technique.  Again, unload all your chakras using powerful jutsus.  Rinse and repeat.

Third Opponent:  Zuka

And he’s got a pet

Special Attacks:

Not really something to write about as Zuka deals a lot of damage with every attack, especially special ones.

How To Defeat Zuka:

He can deal damage pretty bad so make sure that you save up chakra to stun him or send him to sleep when you are running out of chakra.  His lost turn would enable you to use a chakra scroll, or charge.  No matter what you do, do not let your HP go down below 250 as Zuka can inflict as much damage as 250 HP in one attack.  This is the time when you would have to use the bulk of your healing scroll stash.

After defeating these three opponents, you would have completed the third part of the Ninja Saga Chunin exams.

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