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How To Pass Ninja Saga Chunin Exams On Facebook: Part Two

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The second part of the Ninja Saga chunin exams involves a lot of fighting so you better get ready.  Your objective is to get three scrolls which you can get by beating the three other teams participating in the exams.  Of course, these are all NPCs and they would be tough to handle if you go alone.

The first thing you need to do therefore is to recruit two friends.  I suggest that you recruit friends who are level 20 too and already have good jutsus which inflict a lot of damage and/or can heal themselves.  After recruiting them to your team, you are all set to take on the second part of the chunin exams in Ninja Saga.

Explore the top part of the map first.  There, you would encounter a team.  Beat them and their scroll is yours.  After exploring the top part of the map which is a very small one, go to the right part of the map.  So basically, the positions of the teams holding the scroll you need are as follows:

First scroll is in the forest

Second scroll is on the coast

Third scroll is on the cave

After you have collected the three scrolls, go back to the crossroads where you will find yourself in upon undertaking the second part of the chunin exams.  DO NOT go out the way you have come in as the game might experience some sort of a bug.  What you need to do is go down to the bottom part of the map, fight your way through and go straight to the exit.

Just go through it and you are done with the second part of the Ninja Saga chunin exams on Facebook.

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