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Subconscious Mind Power – Understand The Difference Between Our Brain And Our Mind

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Although we have been using the terms our brain and our mind interchangeably in our communication, they are in fact 2 different things but related to each other. In a simple descriptive explanation, our brain is similar to the hardware of the computer and our mind is like the software of the computer. We need both brain and mind to work together. 

Our Brain

Our brain is a highly complex organ that resides within the cranium/ skull. It is the center of human nervous system that controls all other organ systems of our body. This centralized control allows rapid and coordinated responses to changes in environment either by activating our muscles or by causing secretion of chemicals such as hormones. 

In other words, our brain receives, analyzes and responds to our encounters and hence monitors and regulates our body’s actions and reactions. The 3 main components of our brain are brainstem, cerebellum and neocortex. The brainstem takes charge of our breathing, heart rate and other autonomic processes. The cerebellum controls our body balance, posture and the coordination of movement whereas the neocortex is the center of higher order thinking, learning and memory. 

Our Mind

Our mind resides in our brain. It is the element of human that enables us to be aware of the world and our experiences in it. Our mind is the aspect of intellect, consciousness and unconsciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination. It is also referred to as the faculty of thought specifically the thought process of reason. 

Our mind comes after our brain. Mental events are the subjective experiences of the physical events that occur in our brain. As a consequence, the mind is the ‘emergent property’ of the brain. However, the electronic processes in the brain are not the mind.

We use our mind to think and reason but it is our brain that processes the input into output. Apparently, the understanding of the relationship between our brain and our mind remains a challenging one, both philosophically and scientifically. 

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