Tuesday, December 12

A Career Woman’s Closet Must Haves

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Finding something to wear shouldn’t add up stress of a busy lifestyle.

For a career-driven woman, you sometimes get upset trying to figure out what to wear and how to look good to make that lasting impression. And shopping over and over will not necessarily solve the problem. There may be an overflow of clothes in your closet, but can you really find what you need? And more importantly, do you reflect the self image you want to exude from what you’re wearing?

Suit your outfit according to the occasion. Know the right pieces that would fit you. Be more aware of your assets and flaws and work out your look accordingly for your benefit. Remember to pick the best colors and combinations that can work with your skin color and body frame.

Arrange your closet according to what you usually wear and keep them within your reach. Organize according to the occasion or the kind of clothes you have so they are easy to find when you need them.

Invest on go-anywhere suits and blazers. Having classic suits that never go out of fashion are good investments. Dark-colored and neutral-colored ones can go with most mix and match endeavors. It is also good to buy those with designs within the current trends. However, don’t put too much money on them especially if you think that you won’t be using them as much as the classics.

When arranging your closet, blouses, tank tops, and long sleeves that fit great, look good, and feel comfy should always be within your reach. Fold those you wouldn’t likely wear and have them for the keeps somewhere else. You may allot the most unlikely spaces that you will reach in your closet or drawer for them.

Make sure you have fitting pairs of jeans. Denims always come in handy and would fit most tops – from tank tops to shirts to blouses to even a suit. There are many cuts and designs to choose from like the boot cut, flares, tapered, low rise and straight cut jeans. Choose the ones that match your body frame.

It’s always good to have comfy T-shirts or baby tees handy in your closet. You can complement one with your favorite jeans or pair it with shorts or skirt. Keep the best fitting ones at your reach and remove those that are oversized or dingy already.

Fix your closet according to the season. Get your best jackets ready in your closet during the winter days. Whether you choose something made of wool, cashmere, or you mostly have denim jackets, let your jacket blend with your get-up. Generally, it should make you feel comfortable. For the really cold days, nothing beats having a leather coat. It is functional, and at the same time, versatile and fashionable.

Have some night out dresses for night occasions and place them in one corner of the closet. Make sure you take care of these pieces by allotting a good space for them to make sure they are kept in good condition and without unnecessary folds. Invest on some night gowns for formal gatherings as well so you don’t have to recycle only one gown every time.

A good lingerie collection should have a good space within your closet. If you have a huge collection, choose those you regularly use and have them in the easy to reach spot.

Have a decent number of footwear to fit your various looks. Have some pairs of casual shoes, sandals, flip-flops, stilettos, boots and rubbershoes. One to three pairs of each would be good investments. Buy more of the regular shoes you need for work.

Handkerchiefs and towels should also be accessible at any time you need them. Make sure you have your best socks and stockings getting handy when you open your closet as well.


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