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Different Types of Pants

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There are so many styles and designs of pants available in the market today. From vintage to modern designs, you have many options to choose from for that ideal get-up. There are pants that are within the current trends. Yet, there are those that are interesting finds even if they aren’t the “in thing.” Some may even be occasionally needed for costumes for dances, plays, parties and events.

In North America, pants is the general category term; while trousers often refer to something more formal like tailored garments with a waistband and maybe some belt-loops and a fly-front. Considerably, both terms are synonymous with each other and are generally used interchangeably. There are short trousers or shorts that stop anywhere from the upper thigh to the knee. There are also those that end below the knee or by the mid-calf. Pants or trousers can also be called slacks.

It’s an advantage that you know how a particular pair of pants is called. This makes it easier for you to search for it in online stores or even ask the merchandiser about the exact style you’re looking for inside the store. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a basic knowledge on how certain pants are called. And here’s a good list:


These are the regular denims worn from the waist or hips down to the ankles, usually touching or almost touching the foot wear.


These are also known as a split skirt. Such are actually pants that have the flowing characteristics of a long skirt. Some of these tend to resemble short trousers. Their main trademarks include having really fuller bottoms as compared to the waist area. They are ideal for those who are in need of safe, comfortable, and yet fashionable pants with the look of a skirt.


These are shorts with front coverings resembling skirts. The term can also apply to pants of any typical length with a wrap-around skirt sewn around it. There are actually some that are designed as culottes with wrap-around pieces of extended fabric creating a skirt.

Capri pants

Capri is a slim-fit style of pants designed to end by the mid-calf or below the calf. Some designs can be shortened to just below the knee.

Pedal pushers

Popularized during the 1950s, the pedal pushers define a women’s calf-length trousers, which is often related in style to the Capri pants. However, this style has a looser fit which is typically ended by the mid-calf. This type of pants frequently lacks the characteristic slit on the bottom side seam which is common for Capri pants.

Cropped pants

Just like Capri pants and pedal pushers, the term cropped pants also utilizes a shorter pants style. This type of pants is typically longer than Capris and pedal pushers as the end of the pants extends until around an ankle length.


These are calf-length pants having flared legs. Its distinct style is its being flowing and loose fitting. This flared pants has an elastic waistband. Such design is more commonly worn by dancers with some Hispanic associations.


The leggings is a form-fitting trousers made of a clingy material, often made of knitted cotton or lycra.


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