Wednesday, December 13

How to Choose The Right Eyeglasses as a Pair of Fashion Spectacles

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Gone were the days when eyeglasses create a very mundane, geeky, boring look. The designs of the frames were very limited before. But today, it is a given that the frames must also radiate a certain personality for the wearer. The frame enhances the person’s look.

There are plastic frames, titanium eyeglass frames, eyeglasses with clip-ons, sports eyeglasses, flexible frames, among other countless innovations to transform the spectacles into a fashion accessory. The material used for eyeglasses makes a difference. Good stainless steel and titanium materials tend to increase the price of a frame, but they can surely provide great satisfaction with its reduced weight, corrosion resistance, and laser soldering.

It’s not only the frame design and the lenses that are considered for the price. The other parts including the silicone nose pads, polymer-coated screws and the spring hinges also add to the cost of the eyeglasses. Poor materials and cheaply soldered frames do not last long.

There are a myriad of eyeglass frame designs for the people with tight budgets and those who have the luxury to the more exclusive, branded styles. Choose from the neutral to the flexible, from the simple to the more intricate and colorful frames to suit one’s lifestyle and physical features. There are stronger shades to keep up with the most demanding tastes of consumers. Indeed, the eyewear is one daring move towards individuality.

The lenses in frames can get you back on having that perfect 20/20 vision. On the next level, eyeglasses and sunglasses filter out the damaging rays that can cause eyestrain and some possible long-term effects. There are transition and polarized lenses that suit and protect the wearer in various lighting conditions. Prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are readily available in various optical stores. There are countless of styles to choose from. There are also shops that offer free adjustments and cleaning for the life of your eyewear. Glasses with polarized lenses cut reflected light from water, streets, or cars. They are excellent for boating and can be made in all prescriptions. There are lens treatments available for your eyewear such as scratch protection coating and anti/reflection coatings.

Eyeglass designs range from: the round, rectangular, shallow and wide adding a touch of style to the urban professional; the oblong-shaped frames with some pearl accents to create a soft, dressy mood; and the bold and thick frames that give an artsy or sophisticated look. Geometric shapes with stark colors and designs ranging from minimal to intricate are meticulously crafted to suit the uncompromising tastes of the fashion savvy who needs or wants to wear spectacles. The textures of the frames usually have brushed and satin finishes. The colors like copper, steel, gunmetal, and bronze are very popular because they easily blend with a person’s outfit. Certain patterns and hues seen in fabrics have also made their ways to eyeglass frames.

Fashion spectacles and lens technology not only work to provide the ultimate comfort and clarity for one’s vision, they also give people more options to select the best frame to suit their personality and radiate a fashionable aura and sense of style.


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