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Ice Hockey Player Ville Leino

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Ville Leino

Ville Leino was born in Savonlinna, Finland in 1983. He is currently one of the world’s most talked about players in Hockey. Left forward who plays primarily Leino has also served as a central striker in his career. Leino has played the Philadelphia Flyers in February 2010. Stanley Cup Finals, Ville was by far the most striking players in the field.

Junior career

In young Leinoa was not interested in jogging or work out in the guidelines by other exercises. His friends have said that he was most interested in the play with the stick and ball / puck. As a young he not interested in a workout to speed, and it has been in a senior major problem. In juniors Leino played team called “Sapko”. It is Finnish Ice Hockey team in Hameenlinna. He had problems during the junior C team to the junior B season, but late B junior season he was best stats of the team.

Sm League

Finland in the best series of the “Sm League” was the best player in the series. He made the most points in the series and became the most recognized player. He received the honor of the golden helmet. He has been often pointed out in his slow progress, but still he was able to be one of the best Finnish ice hockey player.

NHL career


Several NHL clubs have shown interest in Leinoon period. He ended up with the Detroit Red Wings season 2008-2009 a comprehensive two-way contract. He opened the season farmijoukkue Grand Rapids Griffins, and after playing 44 games, Leino had a team second-best point man-power 11 26 = 37 Subsequently, he was invited to Detroit’s NHL crew, and his debut came on 31 january 2009 against the Washington Capitals. Leino was a match to play first in the chain and Pavel Datsjukin Marián Hossa alongside. He played just over 12 minutes, and also made a match with the opening goal.


Second NHL season in Detroit, Leino played in 42 games, scoring only 4 points 7. He also fell january 2010 during the composition of the outside Detroit RedWings. Detroit is not afraid to send him AHL, because he should have been put AHL reads through a list of transfer. Detroit did not want to lose Leino free, so the team traded him in February 2010 the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange Ole-Kristian Tollefsen and fifth-round pick in the 2011 reserve the right occasion. Philadelphia fought until the end of the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago finally took the Stanley Cup, 4 to 2 Game profits. Leino made the playoffs seven power 14 = 21 entrants in violation of the Philadelphia Flyers playoff.


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