Tuesday, December 12

Common Sense For Halo Gamers

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Halo is one of the most addicting games known to new age video gamers. Anyone who plays first person shooters, has likely spent a bulk of their time on Halo matchmaking, slaughtering and going after opposing teams and players, laughing all the way. Whether it’s Lone Wolf by yourself, or matched up in Social Slayer playing with only grenades and rocket launchers on a team, there is lots of fun to be had and you are never short of a challenge.

That being said, no one likes to lose all the time and it’s fair to say that after 6 years of halo, many of the veteran players have cultivated common sense tactics that have been around since the beginning. If you are just getting into playing, you should think of them as your most basic rules, if you want to live anyways….


I know the Assault Riffle (AR) seems like a crappy weapon, but you can guarantee a veteran keeps theirs handy almost all the time. The Assault Rifle can splatter your opponent with a senses blurring fleury of bullets and have them out of your way in under 30 seconds, if you do it right…


We all have natural styles that we fall into. Some are best at melee berzerkers, others are the grenades experts, some are eagle eye snipers, there are even vehicle guru’s. Everyone is different and there are thousands of styles that each gamer naturally feels good using. You do want to have a style, but it’s important not to get to comfortable with it, as any patterns you exhibit can get you in trouble with vetern players who can spot your predictability. If you find your getting slaughtered, change your patterns.


I cannot tell you how many times I have followed an opponent around and it took them ages to look behind them. In less then 10 seconds, I can sneak up behind them and put a knock to their noggin that gives me the point and didn’t even have to waste a bullet. It’s also been done to me plenty of times and I turn around every 6 seconds or so, to prevent it as much as possible. Even if you’re running away to save your health it can still happen, so make sure to ALWAYS check behind you, especially if you haven’t seen an opponent for a few seconds.


If you’re enemy has gone into an enclosed area, throw a grenade. If you’re about to die, throw a grenade. If the enemies are coming at you, huck a grenade in front of their path and then shoot them while they walk through it. If there’s a vehicle coming for you, throw a grenade. If they run into a cave, throw a grenade. Heck, if you’re in doubt, throw a grenade! It never hurts. Well… unless you throw a grenade into a whole where your team mates where winning the fight and you blow them up. That’s soooo not cool.

<<5>> GET LOW

Get low, get very high, crouch when you walk. Do what you can to stay out of sight, other wise you’re head will be in the cross hairs of an opposing sniper. When you are walking, try to avoid being out in the open to long. If you are scoping a target, try to keep as much of your body out of main view as possible. If you are sniping yourself, try to pick a spot on a stair case, or somewhere that you can stand with the majority of your body down low and just your head and scope poking out over top. This way, if someone does spot what little of you is available, you have a better chance to get out of the way before they kill you. If you stand or run out into the open, you are really just asking to be sniped, so keep that in mind.


Jump, strafe, duck, crouch, run, back up, jump again. Get used to all the moves you can make, because they are fairly limited and in some situations will be the only tool you have to keep from losing your life. Snipers have a harder time sniping somone who is moving back and forth with a few jumps, although it can be done so it’s not perfect, but if it can get you to a safety area, then you might as well try. An incoming enemy will also have a harder time finishing you off if you are constantly running around behind them or jumping over their head.


The Red X button is your Pistol Whip button and I will tell you, this has been a close companion to my playing on Halo 3 and it’s not just me. Knowing how to effectively finish of or keep away an enemy with the Pistol Whip move almost pre-dates common sense itself (in the halo world). It’s best use is after nearly a whole round of AR bullets have been lodged in your opponent and then you can strike them anywhere on the body with the pistol whip and they should be out of your way. Though a knock to the head is the best move on your part, as it offers more assurance.


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