Monday, December 18

Tower 200 Review

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The Tower 200 Body by Jake is one of the most popular door gyms. Using bands of varying tension and with over 200 exercises, this device will push the body to the best body ever. Because this is a full body machine that incorporates a variety of exercise routines, the Tower 200 Body by Jake will eliminate bulky equipment like dumbbells, weights and even costly gym memberships. From arm exercises, chest, abdominal and lower body exercises, the program can easily dupe all other kinds of machinery because of the industrial machine tool you will only need for the program.

The Tower 200 Body by Jake is a very portable device. All the user needs is a door to hang and set up the bands. Once the user has set it up, the exercises can be done in virtually no time at all! What is great about this device is that there are no installation problems and no complex bolts and screws to be used. All that the user has to do is hang it on the door. After doing the work out, the device can be removed and it can be kept inconspicuously under the bed or by the cabinet. The material used for the door gym equipment is an industrial strength steel and has a lifetime warranty.

Included in Tower 200 Body by Jake package is a drop down chart with detailed instructions on various kinds of workout routines. There is also a user manual containing the 200 exercises that can be used to help boost the best body within you. In a very convenient price, the product line has a really high rate of sales. Since the product has a warranty, any defects can be addressed as long as it is a product fault and not an imposed kind of defect.

What is good about the exercise program that utilizes the Tower 200 is that it is a very flexible plan and various people of different levels of fitness can handle the training. As the program progresses, the level of difficulty can increase. However, as this is more of a conditioning program than a full on muscle inducing training, it is important to address the fact that one should assist the training with good diet, a high protein inclusion and balanced levels of vitamins and minerals for a better conditioning and resistance training that will reveal a better you.


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