Friday, December 15

How to Make Money Completing Online Surveys

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Step 1

Make no mistake, there are plenty of online survey sites out there that WILL scam you. I know because I’ve been a victim of these scammers. I’ve done countless amounts of research and found the VERY BEST of the best in paid survey sites. I’ve been able to make some good extra income with these online survey sites but like anything, you get out of it what you put into it. First, you’ll need to register on various paid survey sites and create a profile. The website will ask you some information about yourself to tailor online surveys to your specific preferences.

Step 2

You will get an email saying that a paid survey is available for you to take. Click the link in the email to take the survey and begin filling it out. NOTE: If you are not receiving offers to complete online surveys, you may need to update your profile. Paid survey sites need accurate information in order to “match” you with appropriate surveys.

Step 3

After completing the survey, you will most likely be asked to evaluate the survey. This is very important to the research company and can also benefit you to better “match” you with surveys in the future. Research companies always evaluate your feedback. They determine how closely you have followed the instructions. They will never tolerate an incomplete survey and it will be rejected. A repeat of this may force them to remove your name form the database.

Step 4

Congratulations on finishing your first paid online survey! Now relax and wait for more online surveys to come rolling in and watch your earnings increase! In short, the paid surveys are easy to take but have their own risks and requirements. If fulfilled, they turn out to be a very good source of some extra cash. Just give it a try! I’ve included not one or two, but 12 different paid survey sites to choose from. These are the BEST of the best! Sign up with one or all of them to achieve maximum results!


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