Review Of Epiphone Les Paul

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Today I’m going to talk to you about the Epiphone Les Paul compared to the Gibson Les Paul. To start off, the Epiphone is in the 500-600 dollar range for the second level guitar not the one below it, the one below it is around the 250-350 range. The problem with the cheap Epiphone is that it would not stay in tune. The higher end Epiphone is a big step up from the cheap one. It carries that thick, warm tone that the Gibson owns. It weighs just a little under the Gibson. It’s defiantly got that Gibson feel to it. One thing that many people like about this Epiphone is that it has a real nice harmonic response. This would really get those artificial harmonics to stand out.
Now what a lot of people do is when they’re trying out a guitar they always have the tone knobs on 10. You need to try laying off on those a little bit and try to get a different sounding tone using both pickups. Another thing is the sustain. It has a pretty nice sustain. You don’t need your amp up all the way either. When you play this guitar it has the tendency to get out of tune. But this happens with all guitars. A way to help you keep your guitar in tune is to use some pencil shavings and rub that in the nuts. This should help a lot, but another more expensive way to help keep your guitar in tune is to buy new grovers.
Overall you’re talking about the Epiphone is 3 times less the cost of a Gibson. The Gibson holds its value more than the Epiphone but price wise, if you want that Gibson sound for less, Epiphone is the way to go!


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