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Can You Get Pregnant With Someone Who Has Cancer

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Can you get pregnant with someone who has cancer? Well, this will all depends on the type of cancer that they have and whether they’re on medication or not. When someone has cancer, it could due to environmental factors and not just genetics. Cancer has to be associated with the physical health of the individual. However, there are occasions when cancer types are pass on genetically like cancer from the blood or blood abnormalities that can lead to cancer. Blood abnormalities can pass on from generation to generation. There are some forms of blood cancer. However, people acquired cancer through some of their daily activities or that they acquired cancer from genetic abnormalities. A person can easily acquired cancer if they smoke or drink often.

If they acquired it through smoking, drinking, drugs or environmental factors then it can’t pass on to your children. However, if they’re undergoing treatment, the medication might get onto their body fluid and it might tamper with the sperms and can cause abnormal, unhealthy , damaged sperms, and thus the condition of the fetus will be tampered with. You should not try to get pregnant when they’re undergoing treatment and are taking medication. This will be detrimental to the sperms and eggs. The fetus will come out abnormal, unhealthy or even become disabled with many health problems.

However, if the person have gone through some times since their last treatment, like a year or two and they’re not taking any medication within that time frame, you can try to get pregnant with them since there is no medication to affect the fetus and no medication to affect the eggs or sperms. However, if they’re not healthy, even if not on medication, they could have a harder time producing healthy sperms. It will all depends on their health condition. However, if they’re undergoing treatment and taking medications, you should never try to get pregnant, you will only be wasting your time because the baby will not come out healthy. A lot of time, you don’t know if the person has cancer or not. They will not tell you and it can affect the health of your baby.


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