How to start earning online

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I had been in the net for 2 years, not as long as others do. I get enough money to pay my bills and God knows how much time I spent learning the techniques to find ways. First, I’d like to warn you there are many scam sites in the net that promises good things and balonies. I suggest don’t be impulsive on these promises. Search the internet first before joining, read forums they are very helpful. It is even better if you search or google their name in the anti-scam websites where they listed all the sites that scammed people. There are many articles on this. It took me hundreds of dollars before I realized I should spend that much just to earn because the return was obsulutely zero! Didn’t even returned my investment. Below are ways to start up learning and earning.

a.) Get to know the internet especially the money making world – there are many ways, hogus focus things that happens in the internet. Money is circling in the net since the money are sent by wire or money processors (Alertpay, Paypal, Liberty reserve and etc). The money is very liquid in the internet, there are many potential market in the internet. If you have products to sell or none you can earn online. But first get to know the basics of making money, don’t invest directly.

b.) Decide which kind of business you wanna invest or pursue – there are many businesses like data entry, making your own affiliate website, or affiliate marketing doing reselling, selling products and services like ebay and amazon, HYIP’s or High Yield Investment Programs, Paid-to sights, blogging, casino, adult and etc. When you decide which business you want to go, be sure to get familiarize with it.

c.) When you’re already sure about the business and already invested, you should consider the word “traffic” or leads. You cannot get any income without traffic to your website or business. Almost all kind of businesses in the internet needs audience, referrals, traffic that will eventually the people that would give you the income. Think of your business as business in the real world that needs the correct location where people are passing frequently. Also consider the quality of your business. Do you believe in your business?

d.) Promote your business – there are many free ebooks that will give you tips on how to promote and generate leads to your business whether you are to join forums and write in numbers of classified ads. There are also paid ways of advertisements, just like the actual business world where you hire TV services or radios or newspapers.

e.) Protect yourself all the time – remember there are many dangerous people online. Even your browser can be stuck with malicious scripts that will steal your credit card numbers, SSS numbers and etc. Use a good broswer, mozilla firefox is a really good browser from the rest as they blocks malicious scripts. Download firefox if you haven’t.

Whatever your businesses and when you believe it or not, you can’t succeed with it without setting a goal. You have to focus with it until you feel that there’s no way you can get it. Read ebooks and other tips, search even more about how to improve your knowledge in making money online.
If you don’t have any cash to start there are many free ways to get you the capital but you have to work at first. There’s no easy ways you just have to work on it to earn.


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