Wednesday, December 13

Spray Tanning Has a Ton of Health Benefits…&…it Makes You Look Good :)

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There are a lot of people out there that are skeptical about spray tanning¸ but don’t be so quick to judge. There are many benefits to ‘fake baking’ for both your health and time and if you go to the right place to get it done, it will look as natural as sun kissed skin.

First we’ll start with the one major downfall. It can be expensive. One session can be around $30.00 depending on what business you go to. Although they can last from one to three weeks this still seems like a lot.

BUT in comparison to paying for the month of tanning bed appointments or the time consuming pool side lay outs, this is actually a pretty good deal.

On the better notes, it only takes about 15-30 minutes of your time. This 15-30 minutes is the time it takes to spray your body. You then need to allow about 8- 10 hours for it set in. This can be done by simply getting a good night’s rest. When you wake up take a good shower and admire your new tan J

It’s also much better for your skin than getting in a tanning bed or laying out (although everyone needs sun, just be safe about it!). The only problem that might be experienced is an allergy. Some people can be allergic so obviously this is not a choice if you are in that group. UV rays that come from the sun and tanning beds can be harmful and cause sun spots, freckles, and worst, skin cancer. With the spray, you get the look of days on the beach without the health risks J

I hope this convinces one person to try spray tanning instead of getting in a tanning bed or unsafely tanning outdoors. The thirty dollars may seem steep at the time, but I believe it is worth it if it keeps me from developing harmful skin problems such as cancer.


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