No Matter What- An Original Song

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You look in my eyes and see the tears forming

Wondering how you could do something so sweet and I still cry

I tell you it’s because you are far to good to me

I can never live up to your expectations

While you insist I already have

Whether you kiss me on the cheek

Or take me dancing in the rain

Or just whisper in my ear

That your completely in love with me

Whether you make me breakfast in bed

Or sing me those songs

Or me through things

I don’t wanna do

I still cry

All those things that make me love you

Make me realize I can’t ever be as good as you

You can tell me over and over again

That we are a perfect fit

But I know you’ll find someone better

Someone as perfect as you

Whether you take me on a moonlit stroll

Or make a candle lit dinner

No matter if you tell me a million times I’m beautiful

I will never believe you

Whether you hold my hand all the time

Or sleep by my side everynight

Or wipe away the tears

That constantly fall from my eyes

I still cry

I know you believe things are pefect

But that’s what scares me

I know perfection isn’t possible

It’s just an illusion of the heart

Whether you stick by me forever

And you’re entirely happy

Or finally you get sick of my bullshit

And break my heart in pieces

Whether you still tell me I’m beautiful

Or yell and scream at me

I’ll still cry

I only want to be with you

But you’re what drives me crazy

How can one person be so right for me

But is also the one thing that makes me wrong

Whether we get married

And grow old together

And have a hundred kids

And are happy all the time

Whether we stay together

Then things turn bad

And we can’t stand each other

I’ll still cry

I know we should be happy

And I hope you are

Even if it means letting you go

As long as you are content

Then that’s what I’ll do

Just to insure only good things for you


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