Friday, December 15

Sponsored Tweets New Clickwatch Program Adds More Spam to Twitter

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If you have joined Sponsored Tweets on Twitter, the program that pays a modest sum to people who will Tweet advisements, you may have noticed they just started a new “ClickWatch” program. I say “may have noticed” because the ClickWatch message appears under the ad and might be missed.

If you click on “More info” you learn ClickWatch will automatically retweet ads three times if they fail to deliver a certain number of clicks. While this is great for the advertiser, it is also a great way to lose good Twitter followers and potentially get Sponsored Tweets banned from Twitter.

As reported in Sponsored Tweets: Smart Idea or Twitter Spam?, many Twitter users already considered Sponsored Tweets to be Twitter spam. Therefore, it was no surprise when Twitter recently announced that in a move to make its micro-blogging platform more user friendly and less spammy, Twitter was implementing new policies in their TOS  to do away with third-party advertising (see “How Will Twitter’s New Policies Affect Sponsored Tweets & Other Third-Party Advertisers?“).

While Sponsored Tweets claims they are “whitelisted,” this new “ClickWatch” program is a good way to:

  1. Lose good followers,
  2. Get reported and blocked for spam, and
  3. Get Sponsored Tweets to shoot itself in the foot

I don’t know what this means for the future of Sponsored Tweets, but I know that readers who follow writers or entertainers don’t necessarily want to read about paint, hardware, fashions and appliances… and they sure don’t want to get the same ads three times! I declined all the ads I was offered today, because they are all on the ClickWatch program, and I don’t plan to spam my followers with multiple posts of the same ad. Just a warning to read the “fine print” in each Sponsored Tweet ClickWatch offer. Chose very carefully which ads you plan to bombard your readers with up to three times and decide if an ad is worth losing followers over.


How Will Twitter’s New Policies Affect Sponsored Tweets & Other Third-Party Advertisers?

Sponsored Tweets: Smart Idea or Twitter Spam?

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