Fate- An Original Poem

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You say you believe in fate, but baby I’m not so sure

If fate is leading us down this road

Then how did I get so lost along the way

I lose everyone and everything I care for

Fate has dealt me a hand I can’t play

You say that we’re fate and you’ll never leave

But experience tells me something differently

Your beliefs on life involve far too much trust

But reason tells me I can’t trust anyone but myself

You say you’re honest and your love is true

But honey I know this can’t be real

It’s way to beautiful to last forever

Because the beautiful things never last this long

When we are together I put on my happy face

The shield that keeps me from ever getting close to people

I know when I get too close I’ll just lose the one’s I love

My safety blanket keeps you at an arms length

You tell me it hurts to know I don’t trust you

But that’s just the way I am

I’m sorry I can’t love you completely

The way you say you love me

But I don’t let anyone in

No one knows the true me

Even I don’t know the person I am

I feel so many things and I respect so many ideas

I’m just a big contradiction wrapped in one broken package

The thought of being a normal person is something I can’t quite comprehend

I can’t really express myself

I have a hard time putting my thoughts down in words

You and I will walk down this road

Fate leading us by the hand

But unfortantely I know

This is just our rough draft romance

At the end of our road together I will lay my own path

The path that leads me to nothing  but lonlieness and sorrow

You’ll move on to do the great things you’ve always known you’ll do

I’ll watch from afar, hating myself for screwing this up

That’s what I’ve always done and what I’ll always do

Because perfection is not part of my plan


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