Long Distance Relationships (LDRs)

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Have you ever been in a long distance relationship (LDR)? Is this type of relationship for you? I feel there are positives and negatives involved in the survival of a long distance relationship. The most important factor of survival in this type of relationship is the commitment of the couple involved.

What Helps It Survive:

Commitment: Commitment is the most important factor of all in a long distance relationship. Without it, there’s no reason to start one.

Communication: There has to be communication at all times. What else does the couple have to sustain their long distance relationship?

Honesty: A couple involved in a long distance relationship must be honest with themselves, as well as being honest with each other at all times.

Trust: Trust is a must. The couple has to be willing to trust each other. Since distance keeps them apart, this is crucial to the relationship. Without trust, a long distance relationship will definitely not survive.

Planned Visits: Couples involved in a long distance relationship must visit each other as often as possible. Seeing each other in person and the physical contact is critical to keep this type of relationship alive.

What Prevents It From Surviving:

Amount of Distance: The amount of distance between couples is important. Too much distance between couples will make it harder to see each other in person. This might hinder the survival of a long distance relationship.

Lack of Communication: Communication is necessary to sustain a long distance relationship. Once the communication starts to break down, it may become obvious to one partner the relationship may be changing.

Lack of Trust: A long distance relationship must have trust at all times. Once the lack of trust becomes an issue for either partner, a long distance relationship might not survive.

No Physical Contact: I find this is the hardest part of a long distance relationship. It can also cause a lot of frustration between partners, since they are not able to be together and enjoy each other like most couples do in a normal relationship. It also just might cause one of the partners to be unfaithful. This is why visiting each other as often as possible is necessary.

Unfaithfulness: Once a partner is unfaithful, the long distance relationship, like any other relationship, will start deteriorating.

What I find so awesome about a long distance relationship is the connection a couple develops, just by talking on the telephone or by other means of available communication, using the technology of today.

Long distance relationships are just as important as any other relationship. Again, it all depends on the couple involved. Some people might question how a relationship can survive when a couple can not see or be together at any given time. This is the biggest challenge of a long distance relationship. It is possible, and it is being done. Long distance relationships exist now more than ever with military personnel away from their families, college students graduating and numerous internet dating sites.

Remember, as long as a couple is committed to each other, a long distance relationship can and will survive.


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