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Tips to Help You Have a Better Pregnancy

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You have to check for STD or sexually transmitted diseases before you’re trying ot get pregnant. Any form of STD can be harmful to your fetus. Your fetus might come up with damages to their eyes since they have to pass through the birth canal. Your fetus will be damaged if it’s contacted with the STD virus or bacteria. This is why you must to a doctor and gets it clear before you get pregnant. If you get pregnant, and you are on medication to treat it, it might affect your baby.


Stress can affect how you get pregnant too. It affects how hormones are released to build an environment for you to have a baby. This is why you have to relax within the time frame that you’re trying to get pregnant. Stress can affect your eggs, your health, your hormones and the ability to have a good conception.


Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body and thus healthy eggs and healthy uterus. When you’re healthy, the body work more efficiently to produce a favorable environment for you to conceive the baby.


Relaxation help to reduce stress. When you’re relaxed, you have lower blood pressure, better hormones released, and everything else. This is why you will have better health and be able to produce a better conception environment for your fetus.

Your partner health

Your partner has to also check for STD and get it treated before they can pass on the sperm to you. Their sperm can be affected too if they have an STD. it’s very important to have a good health when you’re trying to get pregnant and your partner can pass on the STD to the sperm and to you when touching you.


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